Terrible decisions. Or were they brilliant?

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Decisions. We all face them, from trivial ones to life-changers. Deciding what to do in thorny situations, or even what to believe. Have you ever faced a decision that would cost you greatly? Or worse, … Read More

Do you prefer stories to Easter eggs?

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Daffodils Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash.

Spring has arrived in the north country! I love the new life bursting from the ground and budding from every branch. I love Easter. I love the deluge of birthdays in my family. Between the … Read More

If you change your past, is your past still true?

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wrist watch with gears showing

What if you took too long to solve a crime, and that delay cost lives? What if you could save them and bring a killer to justice? What if you found a way to jump back in time to fix just one thing? If you’ve read even one time-travel story, you know something is bound to go wrong. But what if the killer set his sights on your child?

My gift to you: a fantasy or sci-fi novel

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Two ereaders with Diverse Similarity and A Castle Awakened

It’s that giving time of year, so today, I have a gift for you.  This Christmas, I’m giving away two novels. You may have read one of these already, but maybe not both. I’ve set up … Read More

Thankful for books and cuddly pets

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Sheba - my black cat

Hi reading friends, If you’ve been with me for a while, you know I’m a big fan of gratitude. My Canadian friends just celebrated Thanksgiving last month and we are coming up on that holiday … Read More