Friendship is love too.

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A yellow rose.

Friendship The kind of love that goes anywhere. You can share it inside or outside of family. You can share it with that one person who thinks exactly like you do, or with the one … Read More

Peace amidst busy

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Peace and joy to you

Do you know that feeling of having too much going on in December? Who doesn’t? For me, it goes as far back as my teenage years. A vague feeling that Christmas was more hectic and … Read More

A subtle hint from nature, and Dream of Kings review.

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Golden leaves float down outside my window. Trees vibrant with new life only six months ago are now shedding their outward beauty to prepare for the next phase of life. A phase that looks stagnant on the surface–but is very much alive.

Terrible decisions. Or were they brilliant?

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Decisions. We all face them, from trivial ones to life-changers. Deciding what to do in thorny situations, or even what to believe. Have you ever faced a decision that would cost you greatly? Or worse, … Read More

Do you prefer stories to Easter eggs?

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Daffodils Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash.

Spring has arrived in the north country! I love the new life bursting from the ground and budding from every branch. I love Easter. I love the deluge of birthdays in my family. Between the … Read More

If you change your past, is your past still true?

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wrist watch with gears showing

What if you took too long to solve a crime, and that delay cost lives? What if you could save them and bring a killer to justice? What if you found a way to jump back in time to fix just one thing? If you’ve read even one time-travel story, you know something is bound to go wrong. But what if the killer set his sights on your child?