Peace amidst busy

Sharon RoseNews

Peace and joy to you

Do you know that feeling of having too much going on in December? Who doesn’t?

For me, it goes as far back as my teenage years. A vague feeling that Christmas was more hectic and less fun. I started a tradition in those years that no one could trample. One night before the big events, I would go sit in front of the Christmas tree, while everyone else slept. No, I didn’t peek at gifts. I just sat and savored the beauty of the tree’s lights in the dark and all that Christmas will forever mean. What I remember most was the sense of peace that came in the stillness.

One year, my mom happened to get up and saw me from the hallway. After her surprised question of “What are you doing?” I explained. She just stood there for a moment, then asked, “May I sit with you?” Obviously–her couch, her living room–she didn’t need my permission. But it was sweet of her to ask, and I said, “Sure.” I don’t think we talked much. We just sat together and enjoyed the peace. And created a memory.

I have to admit, I eventually forsook my quiet tradition. A mistake. I should have extended it. So many things fight to consume our attention and drag us away from simple enjoyment. Some of them good, some of them not. It could be anything from planning the best event ever to struggling with a great loss. But in everything that life brings, we still have a choice for what we will focus on in our next moment.

This year, I’m going to revive my old tradition. Even if you are thousands of miles away, I invite you to join me. Take a moment to just sit quietly and savor the peace.

Wishing you all the joy that Christmas was meant to bring us.