Do you prefer stories to Easter eggs?

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Daffodils Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash.

Spring has arrived in the north country! I love the new life bursting from the ground and budding from every branch. I love Easter. I love the deluge of birthdays in my family. Between the … Read More

If you change your past, is your past still true?

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wrist watch with gears showing

What if you took too long to solve a crime, and that delay cost lives? What if you could save them and bring a killer to justice? What if you found a way to jump back in time to fix just one thing? If you’ve read even one time-travel story, you know something is bound to go wrong. But what if the killer set his sights on your child?

My gift to you: a fantasy or sci-fi novel

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Two ereaders with Diverse Similarity and A Castle Awakened

It’s that giving time of year, so today, I have a gift for you.  This Christmas, I’m giving away two novels. You may have read one of these already, but maybe not both. I’ve set up … Read More

Thankful for books and cuddly pets

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Sheba - my black cat

Hi reading friends, If you’ve been with me for a while, you know I’m a big fan of gratitude. My Canadian friends just celebrated Thanksgiving last month and we are coming up on that holiday … Read More

Fantasy reads for those blustery days

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Castle in the Wilde -first 4 books

My part of the world feels like it’s going to blow away. Temperatures are falling almost as fast as the golden leaves. (The picture above is taken in my front yard.) How about your corner … Read More