Why is time sneaky?

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Castle in the Wilde books

Once again, time charged ahead while I was writing. Is the medieval world that I write in doing this to me? Some kind of time warp?

A Castle Contended

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Release day has arrived!  A Castle Contended is now available.  She loves her kingdom…and the foreign usurper they hate. How can she choose between them? If you pre-ordered, the book should already be in your Kindle … Read More

Wild Woodlands

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Hi reading friends! Are you the sort who wonders what inspires stories? Then you might enjoy these photos from a trip I took to the Olympic Peninsula of Washington state. This area, the Oregon coast, … Read More

Springtime and Dragons

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Springtime is my favorite object lesson from nature. Things look bad? Oh, it’s time to grow again. Circumstances less than perfect? Grow anyway! Spring blizzard? Uh…grow tomorrow. Today, curl up with hot cocoa and a book. Such as: Call Me Dragon.

Darkness or light? You decide.

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Sunrise over a dark ridge

Does a sunrise seem like a strange picture for my Thanksgiving newsletter? I think you’ll see why it’s perfect. For my readers outside the US, Thanksgiving is a big holiday for us, focused around gratitude … Read More