Actual cover coming soon.
Actual cover coming soon.
Diverse Similarity
An enemy—or a friend? No way to know except the forbidden touch of an alien mind.

Kena is the only human in a multi-racial starship crew. She’s admired for her navigational skills, but her race is viewed as problematic. Cultural differences abound, seasoned by unexpected similarities. Those lacking telepathic abilities have another disadvantage. Kena presents the crew with a paradox. She cannot be a telepath, and yet she is.

Their challenging mission strains every limit and claims lives. When an enemy discovers their presence, Kena is captured. As both guest and prisoner, she finds the PitKreelaundun race much harder to comprehend than any she has known. They entwine kindness with cruelty. Worst of all, their telepathic practices are intolerable to a human, threatening Kena’s sanity and life.  Mutiny is forming among her captors, rescue is impossible, and diplomacy fails. There is only one way out—something that Kena must never do.

Diverse Similarity is the first novel in a compelling science fiction series by Sharon Rose. If you are intrigued by alien cultures, unique and rich characters, and plenty of excitement—all presented from a Christian worldview—this book is for you.

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Diverse Demands
One race teeters on the edge of war, while another faces extinction. Who to help? Will the decision separate Kena and Antony?

Coming in 2018



Never Blackmail a
When lies don’t work, there’s always blackmail.

Vigard, of the planet Rivelt, is a private locator—bounty hunter, to the less polite. His current job: Find Tracy, a young woman abducted four years ago, and rescue her from a Syndicate space station. Too bad that blackmail will turn her rescue into an execution…unless Tracy can beat the blackmailer at his own game.

Never Blackmail a Thought-Reader opens the science fiction, short story series of Rivelt. If you are intrigued by alien races, telepathy, and unexpected adventures; if you like quick, satisfying doses of excitement; then you’ll love this new story by Sharon Rose.
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Don’t Rescue Me
When safety and slavery are entwined, who will grasp freedom?

Vigard returns to Rivelt with the sting of failure. He has located a slave, but her fears thwart his rescue plan. Tracy persuades him to take her along for a last-ditch rescue attempt—much to the dismay of her family. Can they pry an abducted Riveltian from a slave-handler, then sneak her off a space station without attracting the Syndicate’s attention?

Don’t Rescue Me is the second short story in the science fiction series Agents of Rivelt by Sharon Rose. If you are intrigued by alien races, telepathy, danger, and the unexpected, this story is for you.
Better yet, it’s free!

A choice between love and freedom.

As Tracy searches for leads in a Syndicate space station, she stumbles upon Adeline, a slave in hiding with no means to fully escape. Adeline’s daughter has evaded slavery, but one glimpse of her marked face by a Syndicate informant will sentence her to death. Unable to contact Vigard, Tracy must choose between abandoning them or placing Vigard and his passengers in danger. Worse yet, the risks are much higher for attempting to free two slaves than one. How much can Tracy pull off?

Orphaned is the third short story in the science fiction series Agents of Rivelt by Sharon Rose. If you are intrigued by alien races, telepathy, danger, and tough decisions, this story is for you.

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Assassin Hunting
A notorious assassin vs. a thought-reading bounty hunter. But is there a traitor in the mix?

Much to Tracy’s dismay, Vigard accepts a bounty-hunting commission to execute an assassin in the Syndicate’s lair. His low chances of survival are offset by covert information and his ability to read the assassin’s thoughts. After they dock at the space station, his advantages fail, turning Vigard from hunter to prey. Can he survive long enough to take out a killer?

Assassin Hunting is the fifth short story in the science fiction series Agents of Rivelt by Sharon Rose. If you like rich characters, shocking revelations, and plenty of suspense, this story is for you. 

Assassin Hunting will release by March 1, 2018. Pre-order it today.

Trapped Rescuer
No way out. Now what?

Vigard and Tracy check the off-limits interior of a space station for a slave in hiding. Tracy is spotted by a Syndicate watcher and must somehow become invisible. Vigard is trapped in the space station’s core with no way to break through the rank of searchers closing in on him. What happens when the rescuer becomes more trapped than the slave he is freeing?

Trapped Rescuer is the fourth short story in the science fiction series Agents of Rivelt by Sharon Rose. If you are intrigued by telepathy, danger, ingenuity and action, this story is for you.

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