Agents of Rivelt

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Agents of Rivelt


An escaped, telepathic slave. A bounty hunter with a secret. How will they evade death long enough to free other thought-readers?

Slave traders are abducting thought-readers from their haven world, then selling them on Syndicate space stations. There, telepaths have two choices: Steal secrets for their owners or face execution for the crime of existing.

Every mission to infiltrate the space stations is a close encounter with death. To Tracy, a former slave turned undercover agent, and Vigard, her bounty-hunter partner, freedom is a cause worth fighting for. Even dying for.

This epic battle against entrenched slavery is now available in a novelized version, which includes all eleven previously published short stories.

If you like rich characters, telepathy, and intrigue, set against a tapestry of alien cultures, then you’ll love Agents of Rivelt.

Join the adventure today!

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Agents of Rivelt, by Sharon Rose,
ISBN: 978-1-948160-14-8

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