To Form a Passage

Quakes isolate Devron's underground homeland, threatening starvation. He holds the only solution—and it’s terrifying.

Devron sees a vision for the perfect design—to solve a problem that doesn’t exist. Elegant and powerful, but why would he create anything so dangerous? The Formers’ Guild will never allow it.

While he saw creative beauty, others had visions of horrific collapse. Are they warnings of disaster? Some gather their families and flee the caverns, but most shrug off the ominous signs. After all, the formers are staying. Their power to alter solid rock by command alone has kept the underground cities safe for generations. No quake can bring the cavern ceilings down.

Until it does. Countless lives are lost, and the surviving cities are cut off from the rest of their kingdom. As fear tightens its grip, looming starvation spawns one problem after another. Never again will they trust the formers they once relied on. Devron least of all.

Yet Devron knows the only solution to their survival. And even he thinks it is terrifying.

To Form a Passage is a stand-alone fantasy novel in the ARTS OF SUBSTANCE trilogy. Each novel explores one of the world’s three substance gifts: forming, wind weaving, and streaming. With every ability comes risk. These gifts are neither easy nor safe. Who has the courage and wit to use their gift well? And at what cost?

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