If you change your past, is your past still true?

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What if you took too long to solve a crime, and that delay cost lives? What if you could save them and bring a killer to justice? What if you found a way to jump back in time to fix just one thing? If you’ve read even one time-travel story, you know something is bound to go wrong. But what if the killer set his sights on your child?

And that brings us to this month’s book recommendation. Six books, actually, because I binge-read the series The True Lies of Rembrandt Stone.

Three book covers from the series: The True Lies of Rembrandt Stone.

The intriguingly contorted time-lines are only part of why I loved this modern-day police thriller. The other reason is that Rembrandt Stone is not just a tough cop. He’s driven by justice, yes, but also by the value of life and by tenacious love for family and friends. If you were in danger, this is the cop you’d want on your side. As for Eve, I can’t say much without spoilers, but she is the perfect counterpoint for a man who knows truth that cannot be true.

Details: David James Warren may sound like a new author, but that pen name includes three writers, two of whom are already award-winners. You really want to read these books in order, which is easy because the series is complete and each book is better than the one before it. Audiobook fans are covered too. I usually read with my eyes, but I listened to Set in Stone, and the narrator is fantastic.

Enough said. Check out book one here: Cast the First Stone.

If time-travel isn’t you’re thing:

Hmm….sad, but no worries. You can always check out the March 2022 offer for free ebooks. You have ninety-some titles to choose from. These are all complete stories–no excerpts or samples. So browse the offer and download whatever appeals to you.

"Free Fantasy and Sci-Fi Ebooks" with an alien world background.

Happy reading!

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