Terrible decisions. Or were they brilliant?

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Decisions. We all face them, from trivial ones to life-changers. Deciding what to do in thorny situations, or even what to believe. Have you ever faced a decision that would cost you greatly? Or worse, the kind that will harm either one person or another no matter which way you chose? Fortunately, these tight spots are rare, but I have faced them. Maybe you have too.

Real life always creeps into my fictional stories, so Kena and Antony find themselves in such a dilemma. I usually feature my first-in-series books, but today I’m talking about Diverse Demands, the sequel to Diverse Similarity. In the first book, Kena had made what seemed to be the only tolerable decision, but it’s a sketchy one in many people’s eyes. Now Antony joins her crew, and they are forced into an even more challenging decision: either abandon the dying remnant of a nearly extinct alien race, or trigger a vast civil war that would kill millions of the powerful PitKreelaundun race.

Are you curious? You can find out what happens in Diverse Demands. If you have not yet read Diverse Similarity, I suggest you start there.

Fun and Recommendations:

I’ve just returned from a trip to Asheville, NC to reconnect with family that I haven’t seen in three years. A new baby to meet, growing children to enjoy, and rich conversations made it one of my favorite trips to the misty Blue Ridge Mountains. It was just like we hadn’t been kept apart for way too long. Proof that love cannot be conquered by time.

On my way to Asheville, I attended the 10th annual Realm Makers Writers Conference. It was better than ever, and yes, I rave about it every year. The awards banquet is especially fun since it’s also a costume party. That may be odd, but fantasy and sci-fi writers have the most fun. As usual, the Realm Awards went to some fantastic books. You can find them here: Realm Awards – 2022.

Realm Awards 2022 - book covers

Happy reading!

Sharon Rose