When Your Dream Becomes Reality

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It started with a dream.

Dreams. The enemy of ordinary. Practical voices will tell you not to waste your time on dreams. Notice how the word waste subtly slips into negative advice. Wouldn’t a better word be to spend your … Read More

Terrible decisions. Or were they brilliant?

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Decisions. We all face them, from trivial ones to life-changers. Deciding what to do in thorny situations, or even what to believe. Have you ever faced a decision that would cost you greatly? Or worse, … Read More

Diverse Demands is here!

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The sequel is here!

At last, Diverse Demands is 100 percent, officially released.

First, all the details on this release. Next, a sale on book one. Then, if you’d like a release-day freebie, keep reading to the bottom of this newsletter.

I’m grateful for you!

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It’s that time of year when we focus on gratitude. Really, we should be thinking about thanksgiving always…

Take a book on that walk.

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It’s a great month to take a book on a walk. Find a comfy spot among the falling leaves and read in the cool autumn air. Are you looking for a new book? Oh, what … Read More