Take a book on that walk.

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It’s a great month to take a book on a walk. Find a comfy spot among the falling leaves and read in the cool autumn air.

Are you looking for a new book? Oh, what a surprise, I have suggestions. I’m trying something different this month. Let me know if you like it. This is a way to get science fiction and fantasy reads without giving your email address to anyone.

Here is a link to 60 novels that are currently available in Kindle Unlimited. Many of them are also at sale prices, including my book, Diverse Similarity. Just click on any cover to see more details. The “Buy on Amazon” button will take you to that book’s Amazon page so you can download through KU or purchase.

Sci Fi & Fantasy in Kindle Unlimited.
Sept 19 - Oct 31, 2019.

My favorite books:

This month I’m featuring a historical fantasy. Fawkes: A Novel by Nadine Brandes.

Fawkes: A Novel

“Guy Fawkes’s son must join his father’s plot to kill the king if he’s to survive the plague overtaking his body in this reimagined fantastical history of the Gunpowder Plot. Remember, remember the fifth of November…”

I loved this book! The main characters, Thomas and Emma, are struggling with decisions in a conflict where both sides are certain they are right. Though the story is centuries old, it is oddly reminiscent of…today. The historic aspects are well researched, and the characters, whether real or fictitious, come alive as unique and memorable people. This is a book I’ll be reading multiple times.

In the works:

Of course, my work on Diverse Demands continues, but I’m also getting a short story finished up that will be exclusive to my newsletter subscribers.

Flying Blind
A daring explorer must navigate a world of illusion. How will she figure out what’s real before one of these aliens consumes her?

Happy reading!

Sharon Rose