When Your Dream Becomes Reality

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It started with a dream.

Dreams. The enemy of ordinary. Practical voices will tell you not to waste your time on dreams. Notice how the word waste subtly slips into negative advice. Wouldn’t a better word be to spend your time on dreams? Or invest time in them?

March 29th is the day I realized a dream. Five years ago I published my first novel Diverse Similarity. Since then, I’ve published five more novels, two novellas, and an occasional short story.

I admit, the dream consumes a lot of my time. It started small during my years of writing in spare moments. Then it required much more when I was ready to publish. Looking back, every impractical minute of it was time well spent.

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How about your dream? After all, you must spend your time on something. Life does require a degree of practicality, but I encourage you to carve out some time to invest in your dream. It’s fine to start small. That’s how we get ready for the season when our dream becomes the reality of our life. 

Pursue what matters!

Sharon Rose