Diverse Demands is here!

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The sequel is here!

At last, Diverse Demands is 100 percent, officially released. I’m so excited! Release day never gets old for an author.

First, all the details on this release. Next, a sale on book one. Then, if you’d like a release-day freebie, keep reading to the bottom of this newsletter.

She could use forbidden telepathy to prevent an alien war. But will her own people call her a hero or a criminal?

Diverse Demands is available as an ebook or paperback in all Amazon marketplaces and on Kindle Unlimited. Here are the most common links:
Amazon UK

You can also order the paperback from traditional bookstores or request it from your library.

About that sale…

Haven’t read book one? No problem. For this release celebration, the Diverse Similarity ebook is only $0.99 (or comparable pricing wherever you live). All of my novels are also available on Kindle Unlimited.
Amazon UK

An enemy—or a friend? No way to know except the forbidden touch of an alien mind.

About that freebie…

I wrote a super-short story. (Author thing…can’t seem to help it.) Lonnggg before Kena was a high-class navigator with cultural finesse, she was…a little girl. Think of this as a childhood picture through her dad’s eyes. If you’ve read either book, I think you’ll chuckle over this young version of Kena.

Here’s the deal. A successful launch is all about getting some buzz going and early sales. If you help me with that, I’ll give you the free story, along with loads of thanks. Just send me a note in the contact form telling me what you did. Could be anything: purchasing the book, downloading through Kindle Unlimited, sharing a social media post, telling a friend, or whatever your creative heart suggests.

Then, I’ll email you a link to download Ducklings in Space. Yes, it’s a corny title. Seven-year-old Kena picked it. Here is a sample line from that disgruntled, small person:

My dolls go on adventures. Julie’s dolls change their clothes all day.”

Enough of that. Whether you choose to share, or simply read Diverse Demands, I hope you enjoy Kena’s and Antony’s adventure.

Sharon Rose