Thankful for books and cuddly pets

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Sheba - my black cat

Hi reading friends, If you’ve been with me for a while, you know I’m a big fan of gratitude. My Canadian friends just celebrated Thanksgiving last month and we are coming up on that holiday … Read More

Why is time sneaky?

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Castle in the Wilde books

Once again, time charged ahead while I was writing. Is the medieval world that I write in doing this to me? Some kind of time warp?

A Castle Contended

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Release day has arrived!  A Castle Contended is now available.  She loves her kingdom…and the foreign usurper they hate. How can she choose between them? If you pre-ordered, the book should already be in your Kindle … Read More

May in Minnesota…with murderous birds?

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Hello book lovers! Ah, spring! Better yet, May in Minnesota. Puffy clouds drift in the blue sky. Hillsides turn green. Flowers bloom. Crows wash their victims in my birdbath.  No, seriously, they do! I’ve heard they … Read More

Wild Woodlands

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Hi reading friends! Are you the sort who wonders what inspires stories? Then you might enjoy these photos from a trip I took to the Olympic Peninsula of Washington state. This area, the Oregon coast, … Read More