Why is time sneaky?

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Castle in the Wilde books

Once again, time charged ahead while I was writing. Is the medieval world that I write in doing this to me? Some kind of time warp?

Anyway, I came up for air–and to pack for the Realm Makers Writers Conference–and remembered the newsletter I was planning to write…last week.

First, the launch of A Castle Contended has been my best launch ever. I know a lot of you got the book, so you are a huge part of this success. THANK YOU! If you would like to do a tiny bit more to help other readers find this book, please consider posting a review. Besides, I would love to hear what you thought of it. Here are some links to make it easy.
Review on Amazon
Review on Goodreads
Review on BookBub

Are you looking for your next read? Here is a book I recently enjoyed: The King’s Spell.

The King's Spell by EJ Kitchens. Jane Austen romance meets fantasy adventure.

I enjoyed the varied characters, with their unique backgrounds, quirks, and opinions–which they are so very certain of. The magical elements are beautifully imaged and gave me that “I want to go there,” yearning. The mystery aspect is also fun. Fair warning though: the cliffhanger ending will make you want the next book. Eh, the hazard of reading good stories.

And now, I’m off to do some packing, especially my medieval gown.

Sharon Rose