An insider’s view of the Castle in the Wilde series

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Castle on a cliff with five books of the Castle in the Wilde series

With the final release right around the corner, I wanted to give you an overall look at the Castle in the Wilde series. You may have seen the “back cover” descriptions, but this is a behind-the-scenes view. 

Yes, the books are fantasy adventures. Yes, there is a kingdom struggling against the very fetters it bound itself with. Yet, each story is about a person trying to understand and live out their own destiny. Not easily done when others would rather kill than relinquish power.  

A Castle Awakened - Novel 1

A Castle Awakened – Novel 1

Tristan can never be satisfied with the mundane or easy. Only he would make his home in a mysteriously abandoned castle threatened by fantastic beasts. The thrill of the challenge pales when he discovers Beth. Now he longs for so much more–also unattainable. 

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A Castle Contended - Novel 2

A Castle Contended – Novel 2

Beth was born into the perfect life that every girl dreams of. She alone realizes how it forces her into the role of pawn. Beth must learn to shape and wield the destiny she cannot escape–and somehow resolve the conflict between her kingdom and her heart. 

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A Castle from Ashes – Novel 3

Thomas was born into a family that is impoverished and condemned. He must find his destiny and freedom despite his lowly birth. Each step toward his true identity increases the certainty that he will be murdered.   

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Why does this trilogy have two more books? The classic writer’s dilemma–too many ideas. I’m all about characters, and sometimes their earlier stories beg to be written. You can enjoy the trilogy without reading these hundred-page novellas, but they do add depth to both the world and characters. 

A Castle Lost – An Early Days Novella

Two generations before Tristan discovers the abandoned castle in the Wilde, the House of Kaituer fell. Only the youngest son escaped death. This historic event echoes through all three novels. Read the dramatic story of Thomas’s grandfather and his desperate fight for a new life.
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A Castle Sealed - Prequel Novella

A Castle Sealed – Prequel Novella

How did Tristan find that abandoned castle? Why does Beth dread her future? This is a story of exploration, camaraderie, and reaching for the unknown. Read it for a nice mix of hair-raising adventure and light-hearted fun.
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I wrote this series for you, but it has also been a delight for me. I feel truly honored by every one of you who opens these books and joins me in this adventure. 

Happy reading!

Sharon Rose