Wait! Where did April go?

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I am sure that April just started. How can it possibly be the end of the month? Does this happen to you?

Maybe it’s four family birthdays plus Easter all squeezed into three weeks. Maybe it was the snow that lingered way too long. Or maybe our stretchy remodeling project is to blame. In between all of that, I’m editing my next book. 

Whatever the cause of the vanishing time, I still want to share something with you. This month, it’s a book I loved, and I think you might love it too. 

Nightfall in the Garden of Deep Time by Tracy Higley.

Nightfall in the Garden of Deep Time, by Tracy Higley

This magical realism story ties modern issues with one of the oldest dilemmas to face those who long to create. Fantasy is the perfect way to deal with that reality.

This is a delightful read for anyone who loves either fantasy or creativity. If you love both, I’d say it’s a must-read.  It’s available in many places, but here is one of them if you’d like to find out more

Happy reading!

Sharon Rose

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