Release day for: To Form A Passage

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To Form A Passage - Available Today

I’m no good at acting cool on release day. I am over-the-top thrilled to tell you that my new fantasy novel, To Form A Passage releases today! (If you hear a distant echo of cheering, that’s probably me.)

I’ll try to calm down now and cover the basics. This is the first of three stand-alone fantasy novels in the Arts of Substance trilogy. You don’t have to wait for all three of them to come out before you can enjoy a complete story. I promise, there is no cliffhanger at the end.

Here is what you will find: Courage in the face of resistance. A culture that values invention. Power over elements. Touches of romance. Heros in their forties. A few people who dare to do the wise thing when everyone else is doing the fearful thing.

A click on the cover below will take you to the official description and purchase options. You can also get it on Kindle Unlimited.

What if you prefer printed books? No worries, the paperback version will be out on November 22. 

To Form A Passage

May you find hope in this story, 

Sharon Rose