My gift to you: a fantasy or sci-fi novel

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Two ereaders with Diverse Similarity and A Castle Awakened

It’s that giving time of year, so today, I have a gift for you. 

This Christmas, I’m giving away two novels. You may have read one of these already, but maybe not both. I’ve set up worldwide, free days on Amazon for December 26 & 27. You may download one or both of the ebooks and read on Kindle. (If you don’t use Kindle, keep scrolling.)

A Castle Awakened

A foreign usurper. A lady who longs for freedom. Secrets more dangerous than beasts.

Download your gift on 12/26 or 12/27/2021: or Other Amazon markets.

An enemy—or a friend? No way to know except the forbidden touch of an alien mind.

Download your gift on 12/26 or 12/27/2021: or Other Amazon markets.

What if you don’t use Kindle? I would love to put a broad link for you to download, too, but that would break my contract. Instead, I’m offering an email contest only for non-Kindle readers. The first three people who request it, will win a free ebook. Just click the contact button above, tell me whether you want A Castle Awakened or Diverse Similarity, and tell me what email address I should send it to. Winners will receive a single-use, download link.

Coming in January:

Book cover of A Castle from Ashes.. Medieval man amidst castle ruins and mist.

His family was abased, and their castle destroyed. Now a hint of the king’s favor marks him for murder.

It’s getting close! For now, you can preorder the Kindle version.
To be notified of contests and release day, go to Goodreads and click the “Want to Read” button.

December offers still available:

Free fantasy and sci-fi stories – Dec 2021
A Castle Contended - Novel 2

She loves her kingdom…and the foreign usurper they hate. How can she choose between them?

Contest: Three winners will receive a signed paperback.
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I hope that your Christmas and all of your holiday celebrations are filled with joy and love!

Sharon Rose