Agents of Rivelt – A Novel in Short Stories

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The experiment is published. All I need now is your opinion.

Do you prefer a long read to a short read, yet find it hard to squeeze a novel into your schedule? This is how I often feel. I like to see characters change over time, and I like the additional plot depth of a novel. But, I don’t always have time for it. That dilemma led to my experiment. Short stories, each with a satisfying conclusion to its own plot, that link together into a larger story with all the depth and complexity of a novel.

I offer you Agents of Rivelt – A Novel in Short Stories.

Are you short on time? Read one story over lunch. Snowed in? Grab a cup of hot cocoa and enjoy the entire book.

A couple added bonuses: The ebook novel version costs half the price of buying the short stories individually. The novel version is also available in print.

Click the cover to see the details.

I would love to hear what you think of this approach to storytelling. Leave me a comment below.

Happy reading!

Sharon Rose