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Several years ago, my husband suggested that we read a book together. Aloud. Strange idea, I thought, but did it anyway. We would switch off reading every other chapter of Golden Rendezvous. That’s not even my genre, but it was surprisingly enjoyable. Reading together became one of the fond memories of our marriage.

Busy schedules make it hard to find time to enjoy both a book and each other. Now that we are all stuck at home…give it a try. Read a novel with your older kids, a spouse, a parent, or a roommate. Read with a friend over the phone, if you must.

Call of the Wild would be a good option for this, especially for anyone who wishes they were at the theatre. Agents of Rivelt would be a good sci-fi option because it’s structured in short stories. One a day would be perfect. Think of any book you loved, and reread it with someone who hasn’t enjoyed it yet.

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