Where does this pathway lead?

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Do pathways intrigue you? They have always called to me. Whether it’s a road dropping out of sight beyond a hill or a footpath winding into a forest, they beckon.

What makes them so compelling? The unknown? No doubt, that’s part of their draw, but the unknown can be explored in schools, labs, the sky, a person…too many places to list.

Maybe it’s the journey suggested by a pathway. They hint at experience, as well as knowledge. I sometimes think of the others who have walked that path, as though, treading alongside their footsteps somehow entwines our lives. The older a pathway, the more I feel this. I certainly did on this one.

This holloway leads from the town of Warwick, England to the Castle pictured in my last newsletter. Holloways are worn down over centuries by countless feet, hooves, and wheels. Some are lost woodland paths, but like this one, some are still in common use. Whose footsteps did I follow the day I walked this?

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A recommendation:

Morgan Busse has just released the third book in her fantasy trilogy, The Ravenwood Saga. I love the cover so much I’m showing the latest book here. I recently read Mark of the Raven, the first book in this series. Like any book that I would recommend, it has strong characters and plot. What makes this one special? It explores the idea of destiny, whether we have any say in it, and the impact of choices. Especially, those hard choices. The next two books are now on my to-be-read list.

Here are links so you can check out more details about these exciting books.

Mark of the Raven
Flight of the Raven
Cry of the Raven

Time to get back to writing my own trilogy, Castle in the Wilde. I hope you find an intriguing pathway to travel this month.

Sharon Rose