New Release in the Agents of Rivelt series: Forbidden Spy

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Hello friends!

I’ve avoided sending a newsletter for a little while because of the deluge of privacy policy updates we’ve all been inundated with. Hope that’s over! Besides, Minnesota decided to do spring after all, and my garden was calling.

In this issue, you’ll find info on:
• Release of Forbidden Spy
• Free science fiction and fantasy ebook offers
• Diverse Similarity

New Release:

It’s that exciting moment again when I can’t stop smiling. Even though I release a new short story every six weeks, it never gets old. The stakes are getting higher for Tracy and Vigard, and in this episode, the danger breathes right down Tracy’s neck.

Betrayal. Murder. Is the slave ring crumbling or tightening its grip?

Click here for the details.

Free Books:

The offer in this newsletter has expired so I’ll give you a link to Book Cave – Science Fiction which contains links to free or discounted books.

Diverse Similarity:

My novel has been out a month now. I hope that you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. If you’d like to help other readers find it (and help this very grateful author), please consider leaving a review on whatever site you purchased it from. Here are some links to help you find it online.

Amazon     Amazon UK     All other retailers

That’s a wrap for this newsletter.

Happy reading!

Sharon Rose

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