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At this time of year, I like to send a gift to my readers. It would be fun to give you something completely new, but sorry, I’ve published everything I’ve finished. Time to visit the archives. Since you’re on this list, I’ve already given you the first three Agents of Rivelt short stories. Here is a link to a free download of the fourth: Trapped Rescuer. Vigard finds himself surrounded in this one. There’s no way out. You’ll never guess what he does with this predicament.

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This will be my last newsletter until after Christmas, so I will take this moment to wish you so much peace, love, and joy, that it spills out of you to everyone you meet.

Sharon Rose

2 Comments on “Gifts for You and Others”

  1. Thank you, Sharon, for the Free reads. I’m an old disabled Navy veteran, 80 years young. I have daily chores along with my wife of 49 years. We have rescue cats to care for. We no longer take in any because we have a blind girl named Ivey, a one-eyed girl, she was closed to being frozen when we found her, her name is Boots. We have a 7-year-old boy with 3 legs, his name is Bubba Ricky. And we have a male with one eye his name is Zack-e-man. So food, litter, vet visits have eaten away at retirement. But by the Grace of GOD, we get by. I’m thankful for each one of our rescues. We rescued dogs when our two children were growing up. They both love dogs and cats. Even rescued a bunny, named him Scooter. So sorry to have bothered you with this msg. almost dumped it. Take care and have a Happy Mothers Day as well as July 4th and Christmas.
    GOD BLESS You and Your Husband and All Others too.

    Jim, six points” Cullinan,
    Facebook Page too.

    Retired L.E.O., 37 honorable years; Retired City of Augusta, GA. Department Head, Jail Administrator. Certified Public Manager and Certified by FEMA in all their policies and Procedures. Certified by D.O.E. and D.O.D. to recover and transport Nuclear Waste. The old bomb plant, Savannah River Plant, nuclear built here in the ’40s and ’50s. Still open and receive spent fuel rods from Europe and Russia. So I had little spare time. No vacation in 26 years, 24/7 as Jail Administrator. Both male and female held. Some for U.S.M.S.

    1. Thanks for your note, Jim. I’m always fascinated by the many different people who have an interest in my stories, and also, by the connections I see between people. My husband of 32 years is a US Marine veteran and I am a cat lover. We could both find so much to talk about with you, even though we’ve never met.

      All the best to you,
      Sharon Rose

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