Care to join me for an adventure?

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Rays of sunlight through froest.

Care to join me for an adventure? That woodland pictured above is just how I imagine dawn near the Castle in the Wilde.

Why go adventuring through a medieval world? Some years ago, I discovered that this time period is quite different from the common perception. Despite a constraining culture, people flourished within it. Providing for self and family could be grueling, yet generous people helped neighbors. They may never see beyond their own village, yet they treasured those within it. They lived, laughed, and loved with resilience and grace.

Though I write speculative fiction I wanted to explore such a world, for indeed, obstacles and hope are always with us. From this came the Castle in the Wilde. To quote one of my characters, “There are as many sides to each country as there are to each person. The darkness of one side does not cancel the light shining from the others.”

Now is the perfect time to start reading this series. A Castle Awakened has a new low price this week, and A Castle Contended releases next week.

A Castle Awakened
Castle in the Wilde – Novel 1

A foreign usurper. A lady who longs for freedom. Secrets more dangerous than beasts.

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