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A Castle Sealed: Is that a new release or a familiar book? You may recognize it because I previously offered the ebook to newsletter subscribers only. But today, both the print and ebook versions are officially out there for everyone.

If you are thinking I wrote this prequel as a teaser for the Castle in the Wilde trilogy…nope. (In fact, I’m annoyed that it messed up my numbering.) I could say that stories just happen, which is true, but I don’t publish them unless they answer a question of their own.

By the time I finished writing the first novel, Tristan’s earlier story had become as vibrant in my mind as his later struggles. To me, the search for one’s place in the grand scheme of things is often harder than conquering the impossible or discovering that special person. Granted, it’s also a life-long journey, but this is one point in Tristan’s story where he can’t deny he is searching. Besides, it was just plain fun to write the camaraderie between Tristan, Cotrell and James, and to hint at the mysteries of the next two novels.

A Castle Sealed

Mysterious tales surround an abandoned castle. Are they summoning Tristan to adventure, or warning him of death?

It’s available in print or ebook, including Kindle Unlimited. You can buy it here:
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The paperback version can also be requested from your local bookstore or library. Ask for: A Castle Sealed, by Sharon Rose, ISBN: 978-1-948160-19-3.

I would love to hear what you think of it!

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